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Photo of Gideon Cresswell racing Formula Palmer Audi at Snetterton
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DriveQuest - International Driver Agency

DriveQuest is an International Driver Agency specialising in race and track days that has been set up by professional motor racing instructors with over 40 years of motor racing experience at national and international level, as well as 30 years instructor and coaching experience at all the race and rally experiences around the country.

Over the past 15 years DriveQuest has been involved with many new model car launches working for a variety of manufacturer companies including Kia and Ferrari. We have seen how some companies get it right, and also how they can get it wrong! At DriveQuest we have the knowledge and the contacts to provide the right people with the experience to match your event needs, be it corporate or individual. Our driving coaches have the necessary skills in all aspects of motor sport as well as advanced road training expertise and event management.

We have the resources at hand to manage, run and set up manufacturer car launches in the UK and Europe as well as track days and corporate events at all the race and rally circuits on an International scale.