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Accident Rehabilitation Course

Can't stop wondering why you had that accident? Was it your fault? Could you have done something to avoid the crash? Was it the other party's fault? Could they have done something to avoid it happening?

The answer is that yes it could have been avoided.

At DriveQuest we have the most advanced fleet driver trainers in the business. They will take you back to that moment when the crash happened and go through it with you, only this time you will avoid it. The instructors will examine the whys, buts and ifs, and reinstall your driving confidence with more awareness knowledge and skill.

Our instructors have developed a course that will give you the required elements of your driving to help avoid such incidents happening again.

  1. The first part of the course will cover any incident on the road that you have incurred, crashes or near misses, covering the whole scenario and how things could have worked out better.
  2. The second part of the course is a complete advanced driver training course, based on your individual skill level, a complete de-brief follows on all strengths and weaknesses of your drive, and a program for you to continue and hone your driving ability.
  3. A follow up visit can be arranged if you wish for us to check your progress in a few months time.