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Pre-ARDS Test Coaching & Licence Upgrade Course

Be ready to pass first time!

Passing your ARDS test is your first challenge in motor racing: you need this to qualify for your National B race licence. By watching the ARDS pack DVD or reading the MSA 'Blue Book' can help you, but you need to be fully prepared and confident in order to pass.

Before your ARDS test it is wise to arrange some pre-ARDS coaching with one of DriveQuest's S-Grade Instructors. Choose either a half day or a full day with them to develop all the practical skills required to pass the practical part of the test, and we have mock written papers to prepare you for the theory. We can also arrange for you to take the test straight after your coaching experience when you will be at your most prepared.

License Upgrade Course

Our S-Grade Instructors have developed an advanced course that can take place on track days for racers to receive a signature to help upgrade their race licence. Contact DriveQuest for futher details.