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Track Days & Race Instruction

All of our instructors have been coaching for many years and have coached people at all levels of experience. DriveQuest instructors will work with you to get the most fun and experience from your track day car or squeeze those extra tenths from yourself or your race car.

Track Day Tuition Benefits

Whether you are a track day novice or an experienced racer you can benefit from driver tuition. Our coaches can pass on years of knowledge that would be difficult to learn by yourself. Even some of today's professional racing drivers, including those in Formula One Grand Prix racing, still use driver coaches because you will never stop learning. Racing instruction makes you safer, more aware, and ultimately quicker.

Some of the techniques our coaches will cover will include

  • Racing lines
  • Power: when and where to apply
  • Oversteer & understeer: how to handle them to make you faster
  • Braking techniques: Trail braking and left foot braking
  • Heel & toe: for gear down changes (mechanical sympathy)
  • Vision: where to look through a corner
  • Vehicle dynamics: car weight transfer and how it affects handling and grip
  • Circuit secrets: acquired from years of experience

All the above will be tailored to the individual needs of the driver dependent on skill base.

Corporate, Track Days and Circuit Instructing

DriveQuest can provide you with the correct instructor to meet your specific needs as a result of the large number of driver coaches we have available. And with expert knowledge of front, rear, and four wheel drive cars on circuit and rally stages you can be certain we will provide you with the correct person to help you get the most out of your own car on a track day. We use ARDS and BARS qualified instructors and those that have worked in the manufacturer industry as well.

Racing Driver Instruction

The best race drivers in the world still use driver coaches and DriveQuest's instructors have raced at national and international level, ranging from Formula One, A1GP, F3, Formula Renault, Formula Palmer Audi, GTs, Touring Cars as well as many other saloons and Rallycross. Coaching can be given to the driver on a one to one basis assisting with car testing, set up, telemetry, local circuit advice and race craft - all this in one package.

Rally and Rallycross

Our rally instructors have had at least four years competition experience and as many years coaching because this is one of the hardest driving techniques to learn. Instructors are available for a one to one, or group booking, and available for car setup as well.

Off Road (4x4)

If you require off road training in your own vehicle or for professional purposes, DriveQuest can provide the best training available. Our instructors are BORDA and LANTRA Land Rover qualified. Instructors can be booked for a full day training or 1/2 day. We also specialise in off road course design for any event such as manufacturer car launches, training schools etc.

Advanced Road Driver Trainers

Our Advanced Driver Trainers are one of a kind, not only DSA approved ADIs they are approved advanced driver trainers with a motor sport background. As a result, there are very few instructors in the country with this many qualifications. DriveQuest's advanced driver trainers can offer one to one tuition on the road, bringing hazard perception and awareness to another level for safer driving, vehicle dynamics for better control from the driver and handling from the car.

Coaching Day Set-up

  • Driver briefing: including format for the day
  • Q & A: on driver previous experience and goals
  • Car set up
  • In car instruction: coaching all day
  • Theory (out of car): circuit and specific corners
  • De-brief: achievements


One-to-one tuition starts at £250.00 per day.

  • A fuel surcharge may be added depending on where the instructor is coming from and to which circuit
  • 2 or 3 drivers can be booked for on instructor at a cost of £50.00 extra per person
  • A 50% deposit is required when booking with payment made via PayPal or cheque
  • We can also assist with booking track days throughout Britain and Europe